Saturday, April 26, 2008

Charlie's Snake Cake

I made this cake for Charlie's bday party that we had today. It was a great party and everyone thought the cake was really cute. It was super easy. I had alot going on, so I used boxed cake mix. I also bought vanilla frosting and just died it green. Its made out of 2 bundt cakes, one chocolate and one vanilla. Just cut the cakes in half and position them to look like a snake. Once frosted, I piped on a diamond design down the back with chocolate, then decorated it with M&Ms. The tongue is some candy that I bought and cut to look like a tongue. the eyes are a large marshmallow that is cut in half, with a black M&M for the pupil. I probably invested an hour total into this. Definatly worth the effort!


Emily said...

RYC---I can't say I know what would happen if you didn't freeze the crispy French toast. My best bet would be that maybe it would be a little soggier as opposed to crispy. You could certainly try it. Or maybe put it in the fridge overnight to compensate?

Marlene said...

That looks good! Great idea.

Carmella said...

Great job!!