Thursday, May 01, 2008

Blogging with a purpose Award

I was so flattered to find out that my blog was given the Blogging with a Purpose Award by Gaga at Gaga In The Kitchen. Thank you so much Gaga. I am so new to food blogging, this is my first ever award! Totally unexpected. If you havent seen her blog yet, go check it out. She has some really great Asian recipes that I cant wait to try. And now Im passing on the award to 5 of my favorite blogs:

Homesick Texan: This was one of the first food blogs I came across. I love the photography and the yummy spicy Tex Mex inspired dishes. Id say that her purpose is to scour the city looking for food that reminds her of home.

Good Things Catered: I love this blog. It has sooo many great recipes in it. Tons of Lebanese recipes and family recipes...and a whole lot more.

The Food Duo: This is a blog that I just recently discovered. I love it because I love couples that cook together. They have a lot of great recipes.

Whipped The Blog: This is probably my favorite blog. I love the way she photographs her recipes. Ive tried several of her recipes and they have been perfect. I also love that she is a young mom...just had a baby! Congrats!

Under The Highchair: Another young mom, cooking and blogging. This blog has a bunch of neat stuff. Its all about food and home and life and kitchen stuff. I havent tried any recipes yet, but Im planning on it when I get a chance. Great photos too.

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Anonymous said...

Rachel, I know your said you were "new to blogging" but you'd NEVER know it! all your recipes are AMAZINGLY delicious looking and the pictures are great! Can't wait to read more!! Thanks for the award, that's so sweet of you! I'll put a perma link to your blog on mine. :)