Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Phyllo wrapped Salmon

I was really excited when I saw this recipe posted on the Nest. It just looked awesome and the ingredients are all things I love. I tried to scale this down a bit and subbed 2 Tbsp olive oil for some of the butter. I just couldnt wrap my mind around 2 Tbsp of butter per serving. Well, even with using some of the oil, it still was a bit much for us. It looked beautiful, I will give it that, but it was just way too rich for us. We both thought that this is probably how they eat Salmon in Paris. I guess when I fix fish, I want it to be healthy. I felt like this meal probably cancelled out the benefits of the salmon with all the damn butter and cheese. Oh well you love some you hate some.

The recipe I followed is here.

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Joelen said...

What an elegant dish!