Monday, February 23, 2009

I got an interesting email today, from someone that saw my blog post on the Dixie Pie that I made, trying to imitate the pie from Tippins restaurant where I worked in high school. I was so thrilled that this person took the time to email me and tell me some history about the Dixie Pie. I will be changing my recipe in the fall to include Walnut halves, instead of pecans. Here is the email:

I had some spare time on my hand today and thought I would see what Tippins was up to. (funny what we do when we have the time!!)

I saw your blog about Dixie pie and wanted to let you know what I know ... I started working at Tippins as a waitress in 1982 and left when they couldn't get out of their bankruptcy situation. By then I was running our production facility with over 150 employees and 6 supervisors under me.

Long story short ... Dixie pie was made with walnut halves. (Not that I would not eat one made with pecans). It was called Derby Pie when we first opened but because of the copyright laws, someone else already had that name ... thus Dixie Pie came about. We also used to use bourbon in the formula but our 3rd restaurant was in Independence, MO and our 4th in Tulsa, OK so religious concerns and a "family environment" forced us to take out the bourbon.
The only pie we continued to produce with a liquor content was the mincement and the chocolate cherry rum cake over the holidays.

I spent many years working for Tippins and it's nice to come across someone else who enjoys and remembers the product we used to put out. I have all of those formulas etched in my memory forever!

Have a good day

Getting that email just made me smile a big smile, and remember some great times at my first waitressing job ever, in Kansas City...a city that will always hold a special place in my heart.


Skittle said...

Hi Rachel I love that Dixie Pie. I had no idea of its history. I am going to make your wonderful Shrimp Ceviche for my dinner party this weekend. Lovies Mom

Becky Troxell said...

I am also from the Kansas City area and was so upset when Tippins closed! Dixie pie was my absolute favorite. (I had it for my birthday on many occasions.) Thank you for posting your recipe. I look forward to trying it!

Anonymous said...

I'm from Kansas City, too. I lived very close to the Tippins by Corinth Square. I want to make this pie for Thanksgiving this year. It's weird having it in south Florida (where I live now) when it's 80 degrees!
Thanks for the good input.

Kansas-Kate said...

I guess you know Tippin's pie is still made in KC? The restaurants are long gone, but the pies are available at the bakery in the Hen House supermarket on 135th & Metcalf. The Dixie, the French Silk, and all the others are there. A few of them, including the Dixie, are also made in a mini size, perfect for 1 or 2 people.

That Hen House also has a branch of Farm to Market, a local bread bakery, there in the store, brick oven and all, making it one of the best places in KC to load up on carbs.